• Success Matrix Designed with entrepreneurs in mind, this program takes Dina’s humor and infuses an often dull and lifeless topic with memorable vigor.  If you want to liven up a content heavy day with energy this is perfect. Finding courage to succeed, importance of finding your “tribe” and being “unapologetically you” are pervasive themes.
  • Diversity & Inclusion Cultivating equality in the workplace and striving for diversity is a constant struggle. Dina cultivates an environment of acceptance and non-judgement while tackling the tough issues. The workshop is designed with maximum interaction so that everyone is involved. 
  • Transgender 101 This program is great for classes, organizations and companies who are working on Trans-Inclusion as apart of their company culture. This informative and interactive workshop approaches subjects you’ve always wanted to ask a trans person but shouldn’t. It covers data on discriminatory practices and helps troubleshoot ways to avoid them.
  • Hilarious Activist Social Change and Activism are serious business. We get so caught up in the greater good that we loose sight of what matters most. Connecting, learning and making the change we want. So how do you break through? HUMOR!  It’s one thing that runs through most of humanity, we like to laugh. How do you use humor to engage and create change? This workshop gives you tools to be a Hilarious Activist.
  • Ally Training This workshop is about how to be an Ally to marginalized people groups. It is designed to help you become a better ally by opening dialogue, answering questions and creating a safe space to explore what it means
  • Craving Connection This program is centered on creating conscious connection to community, self and higher power. The distraction that modern technology has connected us to so much, but we still miss that true human connection. We explore ways to create true connection in the age of technology and the ever decreasing attention span.
  • Creating Your Life Consciously We are often pushed, maneuvered and drug kicking and screaming through life. This program is designed to give the attendees an adjustment and helps to focus our energies toward consciously creating and guiding our lives toward the things we want and unexpected surprises that come with this physical journey.

Dina can create a special program for your event. If you need a keynote or workshop we’ll be happy to work with you to make a special, engaging and interesting program to match your needs. Book Dina To Speak!

Are you looking for a fun and engaging Emcee? Dina has been Emceeing for over 20 years. From comedy shows, award shows and conferences. She’s extremely adaptable and can be completely appropriate to edgy and completely NOT appropriate…your choice! Book her now!


If you’re looking to shake up your next event with diversity and hilarity, Dina’s the one. She is a dynamic performer with decades of experience. Her comedy is not for the sensitive as topics tend toward the “blue”. She talks a lot about sex and being trans. If you have a bawdy and raucous group, she’s definitely for you! Book her now!


Event Planning/Show Production
If you need an event planned for 2 or 2000, Dina can help you make a memorable and well executed and memorable event. From Business Lunches to Weddings, from Private Parties to Festivals we can take care of it all.  Let’s Plan It!


Empowerment/Manifestation Coaching
Do you need a little help getting to where you need to go? Are you feeling stuck?  Work with Dina to identify what you want and how to get there. She’s patient, challenging and intuitive. Empowerment Coaching is designed to help with personal and professional development and Manifestation Coaching is designed to help you work with the Law of Attraction to get what you want.  Work with Dina!


Social Media Mentoring
Dina will help you create a Social Media Strategy that will impact your brand and increase engagement.   Get posting with Dina!


Media Coaching
If you are an Entrepreneur or an Entertainer or just need brand exposure you have to interact with the media. This often is very uncomfortable for people who just want to hide behind their computer and build their business. It’s vital that you are prepared to do a TV interview  or be on a radio show or even someone’s podcast. Why? Because this gives you “Brand Exposure” which is very important to your business. Media Coaching will help you get comfortable answering questions and cultivate your “brand personality”. Let’s get to coaching!


Dina would love to work with you. Feel free to contact us for more information or to book now.