To book Dina to speak at your event fill out the contact form below. All speaking engagements are geared to all audiences and all ages. (clean material)

Speaking Programs:

  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Transgender 101
  • Creating Your Life Consciously

We are often pushed, maneuvered and drug kicking and screaming through life. This program is designed to give the attendees an adjustment and helps to focus our energies toward consciously creating and guiding our lives toward the things we want and unexpected surprises that come with this physical journey.

  • Craving Connection

This program is centered on creating conscious connection to community, self and a higher power.  The distraction that modern technology has connected us to so much, but we still miss that true human connection.  Dina explores ways to create true connection in this age of technology and the ever decreasing attention span.

  • Ally Training

This workshop is about how to be an ally to marginalized people groups.  This workshop is designed to help you become a better ally by opening dialogue, answering questions and creating a safe space to explore what it means.

  • Spirituality and Inclusion

This workshop explores where spirituality and LGBTQ people meet.  How Spiritual people from all backgrounds can work together to become allies, advocates and more inclusionary within a spiritual environment.  

  • Comedy Bootcamp

This is a stand up comedy workshop. We spend this 6 hour workshop learning the basics of comedy from joke structure, to working on material.  Each participant will have the opportunity to work out material and do a set at the end of class.


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