Confessions of A Wannabe Soccer Mom
In The Press:

“Martinez, without a doubt, owned that stage Friday night. ‘Confessions of A Wannabe Soccer Mom’ is raw humor and storytelling. It’s a show for anyone searching for a truth in themselves they don’t have to turn on and off to protect themselves or those around them. Martinez’s energy is not exclusive, but rather inviting for any adult audience.
The Daily Cardinal – Dina Nina Martinez Owns The Stage 25-Jan-2016

About the Show:

Confessions of A Wannabe Soccer Mom is a comedic storytelling of Dina Nina Martinez’s “Unconventional Journey Into Womanhood!” She recounts her youth in small town Texas, and the laughable life that’s brought her from Los Angeles to Madison.

Her journey is marked by her loves and lack thereofs. From Coach Russell to Pastor Dane, Dina tells of the men she’s loved throughout her life and the very moment she knew she’d become a woman. It was like having a quinceanera on a city bus.

“Confessions” is full of humorous anecdotes of being the artsy child with a robust fantasy life and touching moments of realness–the ups, downs and the numerous coming outs.

What people are saying about the show:

“Confessions” is a hilariously funny and tearfully poignant story of one woman’s journey from her youthful identity search in the South to coming home in her own soul. I knew I would laugh, but I had no idea I would cry too! Beautiful, uplifting, strength-building narrative that had me wondering what would come next every moment.


-Maria Novak (Attendee)


When I saw this show for the first time, I not only laughed harder than I have in a long time but I came away from it feeling inspired? Dina has a way of drawing you in and then making you roll back with laughter. This show is for anyone!
-Molly Vanderlin (Attendee & Producer of “That’s What She Said”

Dina Nina Martinez. Martinez is a transgender stand-up comedian, actor and Moth Story Slam winner from LA who currently resides in Madison, Wisconsin. Her signature blend of disarming sass and charm has been featured in comedy festivals and multiple world-class comedy venues including LA Pride, The Chicago Women’s Funny Festival, LA’s The Comedy Store and Chicago’s Zanies Comedy Club. She is the creator and host of Madison’s first and only queer comedy show Alphabet Soup, “The D Word” podcast, and the forthcoming The Dina Martinez Show. She was recently named one
of the “40 Hot Queer Women In Comedy” by Though LA was cute and she’s certainly got fabulousness to spare, Martinez’s long term goals are to settle down and be a soccer mom.


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