The past few years have been stellar for the transgender community, and from Janet Mock to Caitlyn Jenner our visibility has skyrocketed. For the first time in my life it seems like we are being “seen.” It’s really great. The problem, though, is that while we’re waiting for society to legitimize our existence we, who are not as privileged as Caitlyn, have to contend with such issues as unparalleled harassment and job discrimination.

Interviewing for a job while trans is one of the more discouraging experiences. Let’s discuss the facts. I have over 15-years of experience in the hospitality industry and I’ve worked in virtually all aspects of operations. I have opened seven restaurants for a corporate restaurant chain; I’ve been everything from host supervisor and key employee to training and banquet manager. In short, my resume is pretty damn impressive, so that’s why it feels so odd that I have difficulty finding a job, even one that’s not in a supervisory position.

Don’t get me wrong, I’ve been plugging away. Hitting the streets. Applying online. I’ve interviewed for several jobs and just can’t seem to get beyond interview number one. Why? With my resume one can only assume it’s because I’m trans. This form of discrimination is more subtle than others I’ve experienced.