MAD FAVES 2015: Local Comedian


I’m so grateful and honored to announce that I’ve been named Madison’s favourite comedian by the readers of the Isthmus!!!  WHAT?!?!?  A transgender woman! Read more

Epic Commentary by John Oliver!

Epic Commentary by John Oliver!

I was flipping through the pages of the interwebs today, as I do, and THIS is what I came across.  I’ve heard people give dissertations on Trans* issues that mostly come up flat, or only slightly educated.  This man, John Oliver, just kind of nailed it.  ALL of this is on point and amazing!  I can’t express my appreciation Read more

Alphabet Soup Celebrates One Year with Jonny McGovern



Madison’s First LGBTQ Comedy Show Celebrates One Year with Jonny McGovern

Madison, WI ­ June 24, 2015

Madison’s first LGBTQ stand­up comedy show Alphabet Soup is will celebrate its one year anniversary Read more

Late Late Show!

Late Late Show!

So you guys!  LA Pride was AMAZING!  I had such a blast and it was one of my favourite prides ever!!!   Read more

LA Pride 2015!


Hey everyone!  I’m super excited to be coming back to LA PRIDE again!  You’ll have 2 chances to see me…Friday night I’ll be co-hosting the #TransPartyLA with the lovely Jazzmun with akob G, Aubrey Girls, Lunden Reign, Reki*,  Read more

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